North Carolina

NC does not grant undocumented students in-state status.

North Carolina's HB 318, 2015

This law doesn't deal with education. Regardless, NC Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill on Sept. 29th 2015. AKA the "Protect North Carolina Workers Act," HB 318 focuses on whether someone can be legally employed by the state, decreasing the number of acceptable forms of identification, and decreases accessibility to food stamps.

Unemployment increases because the bill increases the use of E-Verify on government-contracted businesses, while hypocritically exempting the agricultural industry, and ousts sanctuary cities, which are lenient toward undocumented immigrants.

Identification is now harder for some immigrants, because their home country's identification is now invalid because of HB 308, but it was not before.

It also allows the police to act as I.C.E. officers. Because the number of acceptable ID's have fallen, a police officer can report an individual to I.C.E. from a regular traffic stop situation.

See more information here, here and here.

Kay Hagan votes against the DREAM Act, 2010

Many people went on hunger strikes in 2010, the year the DREAM Act was up for a vote. The bill needed 60 votes to pass, It only received 55. It was close, and it could have been closer, but Democratic Senator Kay Hagan voted "no" along with Republic Senator Richard Burr. She was one of the few Democrats to vote against it. Also, many people were hospitalized as a cause of the hunger strikes.

More here.

Kay Hagan votes against licenses, 2006

Hagan voted against providing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants in the N.C. General Assembly, Many families and households were left without a single person holding a driver's license. They fear going to work or going to church, because they could get pulled over and asked for a license. They also no longer have the ability to purchase cars for transportation.


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