Reed College (Private)

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3203 S.E Woodstock Blvd, Portland, NC 97202


Reed College is a small liberal arts school located in Portland, Oregon. Reed establishes a very intellectually stimulating environment. Students are evaluated on a pass or fail basis, and will only be notified if their grade drops below a C. There is no Dean's list or honor roll. Rather than working for a grade, students are driven to learn for their own good, and their future. Admissions are considered to be selective to reed, with an acceptance rate of 36%. With their generous aid program and welcoming community, we give Reed an A.

Rank: A

Students: 1394

Does Reed College provide any need-based application fee waivers? Yes

Does Reed College have any special offices or programs for undocumented students? Unknown

Does Reed College meet all of an undocumented student's needs? Yes
" it is important to note that if an international student (whether a transfer student, or not) does NOT apply for financial aid in their first year, they will be ineligible to receive financial aid in future years."

Does Reed College have any merit-based scholarships available for undocumented students? Unknown

Do undocumented students get in-state tuition? No
Private universities do not distinguish between In-state and Out-of-state.

Does Reed College accept undocumented students? Yes

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