Wingate University (Private)

Updated almost 7 years ago

Wingate, NC 28174

Rank: INC

Does Wingate University accept undocumented students? Yes

Does Wingate University have any merit-based scholarships available for undocumented students? Yes
Merit-based and Wingate need-based.

Does Wingate University meet all of an undocumented student's needs? No
No. It meet's a "small percentage of all students' need depending on the family financial situation".

Does Wingate University have any special offices or programs for undocumented students? Yes
Active "Latino club" on campus (support + activity group)

Does Wingate University provide any need-based application fee waivers? Yes
Aplication fee = $0!

Do undocumented students get in-state tuition? No
Private universities do distinguish between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

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